March 09, 2018

Ok that's enough!  No more bulky layers and Netflix binge nights... you've finally made it through the long, cold winter. It's time to come out of hibernation and start the springtime self-renewal process for a happy, healthy, more love-filled season. If you're like much of the world, your energy and motivation slow down during the winter, health and physical goals have fallen by the wayside in favor of cozier choices like sitting near the fire under a fuzzy blanket.

It can be challenging to emerge from the hibernation of the winter months, but with these six steps, you can get yourself back into the dating mindset in no time.

1. Lose the clutter

Physical and emotional clutter are tied together. If you're holding on to things you don't need or won't ever use, now is the time to let them go. Just like clearing out the physical "stuff" from your life, clearing out any emotional weight you may be carrying around will create space for new experiences, emotions, and relationships to grow and thrive.

2. Reinvest in your health

Spring is the time to take a look at how you may have been "comforting" yourself through food and/or alcohol. Get outside, try a new workout, and recommit to making movement a regular part of your life.  Invest in some new workout gearto get you in the mood! 

3. Get creative

Use the new energy that seems to surround us in spring, finding new ways to unleash your creative spirit will put you in an open-minded space. If you're artistic, take a new art class or create a vision board. If you're more adventurous, take a road trip to a new place - it's a great way to meet someone new!

4. Find clarity

With renewed spaces, health, creativity, and connection, it's time to get clear on what you want. Write a list of qualities that you desire in a partner—get as indulgent and detailed as like and don't hold back! Keep this list somewhere safe and know that you've got clarity about what's most important to you. This will help you recognize it faster when you find it ;)

5. Think positively

It's important to think and write in positive terms of what you want, instead of saying what you don't want. There's a saying: The universe doesn't hear negatives—meaning that you can unintentionally manifest exactly what you don't want when you continually focus on the bad stuff. As you meet new people, appreciate the positive qualities you notice instead of what you don't like. This simple shift can have wondrous effects.

5. Recharge

Take some time to pamper your self.  Soak in a nice bath, treat yourself to a pedicure or try a new body lotion.  A small treat for your self tells the universe that you're putting yourself first - and that's a very attractive quality!



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