July 10, 2018

We love lingerie (whether we're wearing it or looking at it!), and we can all agree it can be a bit of a shame to waste such a sight when the lights go out. That’s why Candyboxx has recently announced its glow in the dark lingerie collection.  Called Luminous, lovers can now bring a new glow to those hot summer nights. 

The imported lingerie is made from quality stretch crepe chiffon and illuminating lace to create pretty underwear that looks as good with the lights on as it does with the lights off.

So how does it work?  Keep it in the light for about 10 minutes and when lights go out - SURPRISE!  The soft fabric feels great on the skin. With figure-flattering sections, that glow and strategically accentuate! 



Candybox Love - How To Measure

Bra Sizing

Lingerie Sizing: Slim Fit
Candybox Love - Lingerie Sizing - Slim Fit

Lingerie Sizing: Curvy Fit

Candybox Love - Panty Sizing