November 02, 2018

Spring is typically known for being the best time to fall in love. Summer is a great time to be single, free, and date whoever you want. Winter brings us cold nights where we want a cuddle buddy more than ever. Then there’s Fall. In the middle of everyone’s favorite pumpkin spiced-everything season, Autumn brings us the best time to end a relationship.

Why? Autumn may be a more aligned time to end a relationship because its energies signify the harvest and it's a time to reap what we have sowed. As we ease into Winter, it's a time to turn more introspective to prepare for the coming new year and all of the new that is calling to us.

During Fall, it may be easier to see things about our partner more clearly — especially before October 31. Yeah, Halloween. Halloween is rooted in a Celtic tradition of honoring the end of the harvest and moving into the introspective retreat time of winter. It honors the ‘dying’ of the vegetation (or in this case, a relationship).

With that said, here are four reasons why it's a good time to end a relationship:

1. Your Chances Of Healing Post-Breakup Are Much Better

Autumn isn’t as depressing as a cold, dark Winter can be if you need to really hurt and heal following a breakup and yet it still allows for meeting friends and family for cocoa and cocktails to heal and regroup. You can still take walks in the brisk weather and go out to do things. Winter, on the other hand, has a tendency to create shut-ins. Being shut in is a tough way to heal from a breakup.

2. Life Gets Too Complicated From Thanksgiving On

Are you obligated to invite your partner to a party or event in return? How do you introduce one another? Does family get involved? I mean, that can complicate a relationship if you're not 100 percent all-in. Unless you're really committed to one another, now's the time to part ways and actually enjoy the upcoming social season as a single - It's fun - work it!

3. It’s Always A Good Time To End A Relationship That Isn’t Working For You Period

How many times have you stayed at a movie that you've already paid for but aren't enjoying? It's the same thing with relationships. People have a tendency to get stuck in a relationship that they've spent months or even years working at.

Autumn means that the holidays are fast approaching. While it seems nice to have a partner around to celebrate, do you really want to have someone you aren’t so sure about becoming close to the people you know will always be around? 

4. Fall Is Just The Best Transition Time For Anything In Life

Fall tends to be a time when people really want to get serious about their lives and evaluate where they are in a more global way. Professionally, the second half of the year is when people think about bonuses and how they’re evaluated at work. People also seriously consider looking for new jobs after the holidays. There is an unconscious understanding that the passivity of Summer is over, and that they need to be assertive in the Fall if they want to control their own destiny.

So if you’re with someone right now who you’re not too sure about, now is a great time step back and evaluate where you’re at. After all, the holidays are quickly approaching and it's a good time to make some positive change.



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