April 30, 2018

Hooray, you’ve booked your holiday! And this time, no bikini stress for you because after this color advice, you will know exactly which bikinis to pack in your suitcase. A great excuse to expand your swimwear collection!

Fair to light skin
Has your skin seen no rays at all over the winter? Big chance then that you are still quite pale and will wear a different colored bikini at the start of your holiday than when you have caught some sun. Go for pastels, corals or soft colors, such as light blue or pink. These colors really suit your skin tone because there isn’t a huge contrast.

Medium skin
Lucky you! Girls with a medium skin tone can wear all colors. Bright colors such as scarlet, fuchsia or lime green suit you as they make you look even more tanned. Earth tones and metallics also look fabulous on you, such as gold, camel, beige or dark brown. Tip: don’t forget to use a good after sun lotion during your holiday. Your skin has a lot to endure, so nutrition and hydration are very important.

Dark skin
When you have naturally beautiful dark skin, a black or white bikini is perfect for you. You can also rock a yellow bikini like no other. Fancy something different? What about a printed halter bikini or a plunging cut out swimsuit? Go colorful!


Colour Facts

  • Blonde hair, fair skinned: beige, pink, coral colours
  • Red hair, fair skinned: green, light pink, blue
  • Dark hair, fair skinned: light blue, light green, aqua
  • Dark hair, dark skinned: black, white, yellow, bright colours

Can’t choose? Alternate different bikinis. When you alternately wear different bikinis, you avoid tan lines and get a beautifully even tan!



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