January 22, 2018

Realistically, most of us are not 100% satisfied with our figure. We all benefit from a secret agent under our outfit, a type of spin doctor drawing attention to our best bits and toning down the areas we don't like so much. That's why it's worthwhile making lingerie an integral part of your wardrobe. A pretty set to put you in a good mood and get you smiling, a fabulous fit to boost your confidence. 

Jeans come in lots of different styles, so it should not be a surprise that bras do too. There are good reasons for that: which style suits you best will depend on the shape of your breasts. You can also adapt the style to your look. Every woman has her favorite, but there's never any harm in trying something new.

Remember: every brand has its own nomenclature for its bra styles. So don't get fixated on words like demi, balcony or some other fancy name. Look at your bra closely and try to work out which style you look best in. 

1. Not a lot of space between your breasts?

Choose a style with a low center gore. That will prevent the underwires pricking your breasts.

2. Lots of space between your breasts?

Choose a bra with a center gore that is a little bit wider. This will adapt better. If you want more cleavage, you could go for a push-up: that will bring your breasts closer together.

3. Lots of breast tissue at the sides?

Choose a bra with a wider underwire and an extra reinforcement section at the side. This will cover the breast tissue and ensure it is inside the cup.

4. Shoulders and breasts very close together?

Choose a style with underwires that are not too high on the breasts and cups that are cut lower. That will prevent the wires from pricking in under the arms and ensure your bra does not look overpowering.

5. Asymmetrical breasts?

First and foremost: no woman has perfectly symmetrical breasts, so it's totally normal that one is heavier than the other. Often you can smooth away the difference by tightening the shoulder strap a little bit more on the side with the somewhat smaller breast. You could also try a padded bra, which will hide the difference. If the difference is a little more pronounced, you could try a bra with removable pads. Lastly: make sure you buy a bra with a cup size that corresponds to the bigger breast!

6. Less full upper breasts?

Choose a style that lifts your breasts a little more and keeps them covered at the top. A sturdy push-up is not always the best solution, as the upper breast may fold in on itself, which is far from flattering. A padded bra can often help. When choosing a bra that is not pre-formed, choose a cup that is not cut too low.

7. Large cup size?

If you take a large cup size you shouldn't feel you are condemned to something your gran would wear. You can now find trendy bras that give your breasts the support they need, from PrimaDonna among others. What to look out for:

  • A good bra will have an extra side for reinforcement: this ensures the breasts are attractively centered and lifted
  • Wide shoulder straps: the bigger the cup, the wider the straps. This is essential to ensure that the shoulder straps don't dig in. But rest assured: lingerie manufacturers do their utmost to make those straps attractive.



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